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CRMer – Manage a Sales Team, track success metrics on leads, share docs.

Currently in WebApp format, this software is under development – key features are verification of email validity by a PIN system, secured access to Team features, and tracking of the entire sales cycle from Lead to Commission payment.

PIN system is complete, and Team features are being worked on, to include task delegation and secured invitations for Team members to join specific projects.

This is being developed for a startup’s sales team, and enables a choice between single-firm access and shared access between partnering businesses.

CVSer – View and use CSV data without using resource-hogging software.

Currently in Desktop Application format, this software will allow researchers to view CSV data. Planned upgrades will include data sort, manipulate, and export features.

Product Page:
Note: Currently in development – expect occasional updates / upgrades.

TimeLiner WebApp v1 – Present a series of locations on a map…

WebApp format allows presentation of a series of locations, either manually, or on a timed rotation, from anywhere the service can be accessed via the Internet.
Product Page:
Demo App:

Asset-to-Gain Calculator is a simple app that does one good thing…

Do you trade crypto currency or other asset on a market exchange?  The Asset to Gains Calculator app is is available – insert a profit point (percent gain) and the price at buy, and the app will calculate what the sale price needs to be in order to achieve the desired gain.

Product Page:

Android App development is coming soon…

Development for Android should be available by Spring of 2020 (at the earliest).

Mon, Oct 21, 2019