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MDR – Mini Pill Dose Recorder keeps a time & date record of medication.

FREE download: Mini Dose Recorder – v1r2 FREE Download

I created this app to help me remember when I had taken medication while sick with COVID and it helped me so much that I am paying it forward.  I am still in recovery and have not been able to work my physically demanding night job for nearly three months.  If you want to help me recover financially, the for-pay version is below:

$5 Download:

v1r2 – new features:  (1) Export record – (2) show/hide prefs are saved.
This app was made to assist forgetful people with medication compliance.

Asset-to-Gain Calculator is a simple app that does one good thing…

Do you trade crypto currency or other asset on a market exchange?  The Asset to Gains Calculator app is is available – insert a profit point (percent gain) and the price at buy, and the app will calculate what the sale price needs to be in order to achieve the desired gain.

Product Page:

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Mon, Feb 22, 2021