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ISOBAR and power outages: how to protect your equipment.

Got a company fridge?  Computers nearby may end up with components needing replacement if there’s an outage.

Anything with a motor attached to power lines kicks a large amount of power back into the power lines when the motor gets cut off.  Nearby power supplies receive a portion of that surge and can fry.  ISOBAR surge protectors and line filters can help shield equipment from these surges of power.

The best surge protectors are those with built-in line filtering and battery backup capacity.  Line filtering takes in “garbage-quality” electricity and converts it to “clean” power that is designed to minimize the amount of work that a power supply has to do to convert power into a format and level acceptable to whatever device it is installed in.  Battery backup for power enables users to safely shut down devices within a certain timeframe.  The more devices plugged into a battery backup device, the less time is available for all devices on that backup battery.  Battery backup equipment is cheap enough that most computers should have their own dedicated battery unit.

Line filtration, battery backups, and surge protectors should be used in residential settings as well, because most residential power is not “clean” enough to guarantee a long life expectancy for computers.