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Perfect Paperless: CZUR Shine

CZUR Shine with desk lamp

I took a leap of faith and purchased a CZUR Shine, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

CZUR Store:

LED Architect Desk Lamp:

With these two pieces of equipment, I was able to archive and throw out paper that had sat around in files and boxes, freeing up space. The CZUR Shine Ultra (I am not getting paid for this review) has allowed me to auto-scan pieces of art, old bills, notes, documents, and other paper-based records in the snap of the included foot pedal that I depress with my hand, on the desk.

The laptop holder allows me to have a laptop at the ready (you can find many versions and models on Amazon) in case I need a spare computer for testing my software and studying and/or working (It sounds a bit … extra … until you realize how many programs I may have running – software development is not light work.

Maintaining a paperless office is awesome, and I highly recommend doing it with multiple backup drives to avoid losing a month (or more) of work.

For more power in going paperless, my Brother printer-scanner-copier is a champion machine that you cannot find for sale any more, but any recent model is certainly an improvement on the machine that I have been using for … quite a while now. The scan feeder can handle stacks of pages, and Adobe Acrobat Pro will allow you the option to scan multiple batches of pages per document, so capacity limits on a scan feed hopper really aren’t a barrier to going paperless.

With the right organization (Microsoft Teams and Google Drive are two excellent services for organizing and sharing files), you can make your work a breeze, and look incredibly competent when people ask for files.

For litigation teams, going paperless means having the option to prepare thoroughly while lending speed and competence to the entire team, allowing a team to perform above and beyond any paper-weighted opposition team.

- Mon, February 22, 2021