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Asset to Gains Calculator – v1
Released Sun, Dec 03, 2017.
Updated Tue, Dec 05, 2017.

Do you day-trade crypto currencies or on asset exchanges? This easy little app crunches percentage point based gains on up to three assets at once – it was used in IRT trading to quickly determine whether to buy or sell, as gains should be more than the trading fee that is separate from the price of the asset. Simply change the price and set your percentage points and watch the asset – did the asset price rise to the numbers on the left of each of the three assets? Congrats, you’ve met the goal and can trade the asset in.

Download this applet for Windows, Mac, and Linux (all 32-bit) here:

DISCLAIMER: This app is released for information purposes only, as a math tool.  By using this app, you expressly waive the right to sue RealMakers, Inc. over ANY and ALL possible damages one could ever think of.  RealMakers, Inc. is not responsible for any mistake, poor decisions, etc. you make.  Asset to Gain Calculator is provided on an as-is basis with no expectation of warranty.