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Crypto & Time Estimator v1 (public beta test)


Crypto & Time Estimator is currently open for public beta testing.

Have you wanted to estimate a 24-hour reward for cryptocurrency mining?  This easy tool might help!

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Crypto & Time Estimator is designed to estimate the cryptocurrency and/or fiat 24-hour projected rewards, based on current time and current balances on-hand.

This app was developed as a result of the recent boom in cryptocurrency mining.  If you’re a beginner or hobbyist, this app should help you calculate a ballpark estimate based on initial data that you have on-hand.  If there is enough demand, a rig modeler could be developed to allow comparison between miner models and potential rewards between multiple mining pools and miner set-up configurations.

Features Explained:

  1. Crypto – is your on-hand balance of one currency.  It is designed to have no specific label to accommodate all currencies & be simple.
  2. Fiat – many crypto pools will peg the currency to a fiat such as USD, but again – no specificity because math overrides a need for labels.
  3. ~ h/s – “approximate hashes per second” – this could be KSOL, Gh/s, Ph/s … whatever unit you use, it’s down to the math.
  4. Time: the hours / minutes are split – the math formulas use minutes divided by sixty seconds, which is added to military time hours.
  5. [checkbox] Use current system time: you do not need to actually enter a time – this control allows you to pick from your system clock.

The Math Explained:

  1. ~c/h rate: coin-to-hash rate.  If I am operating miners at 86.353 Th/s, I get 6.348837 coin per Th/s if I mine for 24 hours.
  2. 24h Crypto: Estimated sum of all coin expected to be earned if I mine at 86.353 Th/s for 24 hours.
  3. ~ f/h rate: fiat-to-hash rate.  If I am operating miners at 86.353 Th/s, I expect roughly 0.3372093 in fiat per Th/s for 24 hours.
  4. 24h Fiat: Estimated sum of all fiat expected to be earned if I mine at 86.353 Th/s for 24 hours.
  5. c/f value: coin-to-fiat value – or – the estimated value of one unit of cryptocurrency in terms of fiat.

Again, this app is intentionally designed to allow the flexibility for use with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and fiat.  Simple and easy.

If you like this demo, please give your appreciation and/or feedback on the Twitter account, located at: – feedback is appreciated!

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