CVSer to SQLite


This conversion tool takes a CSV file (comma-, pipe-, or tab-separated text) and coverts it into a SQLite database for data manipulation and research uses; this package is currently in-use for civil litigation discovery work.  See  the  screen grab below.

Currently available for use on Mac, Linux, and Windows and is 32-bit for compatibility.

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(YES, the S and V are flipped in the product name – it’s a typo that stuck — CVS is easier to type than CSV.)


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The current release of CVSer — version 1 revision 125 — 32bit — Mac, LinX, & Windows.

The following features are available:

  1. Handling of Comma-, Tab-, and Pipe- delimited files
    1. NOTE: File extensions MUST be used (*.csv / *.tsv / *.psv )
  2. Importing to a specific projects folder
  3. Text file journal for researchers to export to a journal-like file.
  4. SQLite database export
    1. NOTE: First row MUST have UNIQUE text headers
    2. NOTE: All fields are currently exported as text fields.
    3. NOTE: Comma-inclusive data is currently not supported.
  5. Preview of files prior to choice of export.

THANK YOU for Beta testing this new product! Please send feedback regarding any bugs!


Operating System

Desktop — Linux, Mac, & Windows




version 1, revision 125