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Mini Dose Recorder – v1r1


Try this initial release for free – click to “buy” at no cost.  New version is $5, below.

New Version Available at —

Mini Dose Recorder gives a timestamped record of doses taken for three different medications.
It is great for people who have trouble remembering when a medication has been given.

Any edits saved are permanent, and you do not lose the data simply closing the program.

Designed for Windows, 32-bit.  Mac and Linux versions are available on request.

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Try this first version for free – no strings attached.  If you like it and want the newer version that includes a few extra features, please consider buying it – $5 – from the link below.

New Version Available at —

Version 1, Revision 1 — Features:

  1. Time-stamped record of medication doses.
  2. Show / Hide for each med, must show one.
  3. Customization of picture, 90 by 90 pixel size.
  4. Customization of medicine name.
  5. Dose records can be removed and changes saved.

Do you forget that you’ve taken medicines?  Are multiple caregivers needing records of meds for one patient?  Now you can have a time-stamped record of doses, for up to three different meds.  You can also hide two of them.  Pictures can be dropped into the pillpics folder – please make the image 90 pixels by 90 pixels.  New sample pictures are created as new versions are published.

System Requirements:
This program was built for Windows, 32-bit OS.
Mac OS and Linux export will be added if requested – you can show your support on the Twitter page:

Thank you for supporting RealMakers, Inc.

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