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TimeLiner Version 1 shows locations on a map, either as a result of a click on a list, or as a result of a timer shuffling through a list of locations.  This app is under active development.

This app was designed to showcase a list of locations for presentation at trial and corporate presentation meetings.

Demo App:

Pricing is as follows:
1. No List Limit App — customer supplies hosting — $100:
….. CGI app, uses an API key you provide; API support available.
….. Usage of this app subject to API source Terms, Conditions, & billing.
….. App requires a server; Guest API access plans are available.
….. Fulfillment via download, API Support (per service request): $30

2. App + hosting — Guest API key required for use: $25/year

….. Guest API access allowed via password & key storage via file or database.
….. Guest API access is subject to usage policies & restrictions by mapping service.
….. Guest API Log-In Access enables a user to store their API key on our servers.

We are not responsible for service outages beyond our control.

This page will be updated as changes apply.